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The Napoleonic Heritage
By Bjarne Steen Jensen
European Royal History Journal © 2000

Emeralds in Norway

In the Norwegian royal family there is another Napoleonic
garniture, the emerald parure. Also having belonged to
Empress Josphine, it has been said that the emeralds
were worn by the Empress at her coronation but that
is not correct. The emeralds were inherited by Empress
Josephine's other grandchild, Princess Amelie of
Leuchtenberg, a sister of Queen Josefina of Sweden.
Amelie became Empress of Brazil when she married
the widower, Emperor Pedro I of Brazil.
They had a daughter who died young.

Empress Amelie lay dying exiled in Lisbon in 1873.
Her sister, Josefina, her closest surviving relative
travelled from Sweden to be with her sister for
the last time. In her will the Empress Amelie left
her grandmother's emeralds together with much
other jewellery and a very magnificient silver service
to her sister.

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