Amethyst Demiparure

A suite of amethyst dating back to the time of the first
French empire, made up of a necklace, pendant earrings,
two bracelets, brooch and corsage ornament. Most likely
the set had been a wedding gift from Napoleon himself,
or his first wife Josephine, to Princess Augusta Amalia of
Bavaria when she got married to Eugene de Beauharnais,
Duke of Leuchtenberg. The couple in turn gave the suite to
their daughter, Josephine, when she married Crown Prince
Oscar of Sweden. There the set stayed and was later made
a part of the Bernadotte Family Foundation. Various royal
ladies have worn pieces from the suite, but it was
Queen Silvia who converted the necklace into a tiara,
while the two bracelets could be united with the corsage
to form a necklace.

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