Leuchtenberg Sapphire Parure

A diamond and sapphire parure in a neo-classical style
consisting of a tiara, pendant earrings, necklace, brooch
and a pair of hair sticks. The set had been a wedding gift
from the French emperor Napoleon Bonaparte to his adopted
son Eugene de Beauharnais and his wife, Princess Augusta
Amalia of Bavaria. The Duke and Duchess of Leuchtenberg,
as the couple were known after their marriage, in turn gave
the parure to their daughter Josephine when she married
the future King Oscar I of Sweden in 1823.

The tiara has nine square-cut sapphire and diamond clusters
set on a base of honeysuckles and leaves, while the necklace
had nine pendant clusters. Originally the tiara's sapphires
were worn interchangeably with nine pear pearls.

Tiara / Necklace / Brooch