Pink Topaz Suite

Some of the most memorable jewels in the Bernadotte Family
Foundation are part of a suite of diamonds and pink topaz in
a millegrain setting, originally consisting of a necklace,
a cluster brooch and a large devant de corsage. Popular in
the early 19th century with Europeans and Americans of rank
and status, this set was originally given as a wedding gift
by the Russian Czar Paul I to his daughter Maria, who married
Grand Duke Friedrich of Saxe-Weimar Eisenach in 1804.

Their daughter Augusta, wife of Kaiser Wilhelm I of Germany,
received the suite and later gave them to her daughter Luise,
who married Grand Duke Friedrich of Baden. It eventually went
to their daughter Victoria, who was married to Prince Gustav
of Sweden in 1881 and was then made a part of the Bernadotte
Family Foundation. Queen Louise Mountbatten in turn converted
two of the corsage pendants into earrings.

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